Other Frozen Seafood

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European Scampi

The ultimate cold water crustacean.
Sweet, light flesh melts in your mouth.

Origin: North East Atlantic
Sizes: 0 – 50 pcs per kg
Scientific name: Nephrops norvegicus
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Queen Conch

Queen Conch

The name says it all. The Caribbean Conch fit for a queen.
Available fully cleaned or partially cleaned.

Origin: The Caribbean (CITES approved only)
Weight: 80g – 200g (85% -100% clean)
Scientific name: Strombus gigas
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Squid - Illex

Available in bulk volume.

Origin: Argentina
Sizes: 18 – +28 cm
Scientific name: Illex argentinus
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Squid - Loligo

Long fin squid.
Mild, sweet taste.

Origin: Argentina
Sizes: - Tubes: 9 – 24 cm
- Rings: 6kg or 6 x 1kg
Scientific name: Loligo gahi