Lobster (Live and Frozen)

Carribean Lobster

Caribbean Lobster (Bee Lobster)

Strong, sweet lobster that is reasonably priced.

Origin: Florida, Bahamas, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras
Weight: 400g – 2000g (live & whole frozen); 5 oz – 20/up oz (frozen tails)
Scientific name: Panulirus argus
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South Atlantic Lobster

South Atlantic Lobster

Cold water lobster.
Firm, rich taste, clean white flesh.

Origin: South Africa
Weight: 280g – 800g (live); 2 oz – 20 oz (frozen tails)
Scientific name: Jasus lalandii
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North Australian Lobster

Tropical North Australian Lobster (Painted/Flower Lobster)

Perfect presentation piece for the main table.
The ultimate sushi lobster. Firm succulent flesh.

Origin: North-East Australia
Weight: 600g – 2500g
Scientific name: Panulirus ornatus
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Chilean Lobster

Juan Fernandez Lobster (Robinson Crusoe Lobster)

Fished from the cold, nutrient-rich waters surrounding the Juan Fernandez Island off the coast of Chile. A good alternative to the Southern Rock Lobster.

Origin: Chile
Weight: 600g – 2000g (live)
Scientific name: Jasus frontalis
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Western Rock Lobster

Western Rock Lobster

Premium cold water lobster, available in volume at the right time.

Origin: Western Australia
Weight: 400g – 2500g
Scientific name: Panulirus cygnus
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Canadian/Boston Lobster

Canadian/Boston Clawed Lobster

Consistent quality, competitive prices, good control of meat percentage.

Origin: North America
Weight: 300g – 2000g
Scientific name: Homarus americanus