Shrimp (Wild Caught and Farmed-Raised)

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Argentine Red (Wild Caught)

From the rich, producing waters of Southern Argentina, this shrimp is growing in popularity worldwide.

Origin: Argentina
- Head-on: L1 (10-20 pcs per kg) – L2 (20-30 pcs per kg) - L3 (30-40 pcs per kg)
- Headless: C0 (20-40 pcs per kg) to C2 (60-80 pcs per kg)
Scientific name: Pleoticus muelleri
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White Vannamei

Produced by only the best and most reliable suppliers in both regions.

Origin: Ecuador and India.
Sizes (Head-on): 30-40 pcs per kg – 80-100 pcs per kg
Scientific name: Penaeus vannamei